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Personal voice amplifiers keep conversations flowing

If you’ve ever tried to visit in a noisy setting you’ll know that conversation is only as good as the ability of participants to hear one another. For families and residents meeting during COVID visiting restrictions, meaningful conversation at 2-metres next to a busy street, or through a window, or even on a tablet can be a challenge. The recreation team at Points West Living Red Deer has come up with a solution that has changed the flow of conversations – for the better.


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person centered housing


Updated June 23, 2020
People are our priority, and that includes our residents, families, communities, and Employee Care Partners.

Please note:

    • Effective immediately, all communities have implemented a "NO VISITOR POLICY" other than essential designated visitors.

    • Exceptions will be made for family members to visit a person who is in end-of-life care, so long as only one visitor enters the community at a time. Pets cannot be brought in by these essential visitors except for service dogs.

    • Should a visitor be permitted, they must wear a mask continuously throughout their time in the community and will be instructed how to put on and take off any personal protective equipment (PPE).

    • Communities are required to have security staff or a greeter to conduct this screening and verify the visitor is designated.

    • The temperature of all designated visitors will be taken by a non-invasive infrared or similar device. Anyone with a measured temperature of 38.0C or higher WILL NOT be admitted to the community and will be advised to leave the building in order to protect the health of the residents.

    • If you're interested in discussing the opportunity to have an outdoor visit, please reach out to your community.

If you have concerns, please call your community for more information.

Thank you for helping us to reduce the spread and take steps to keep everyone healthy and safe.