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Families asked to avoid visiting as COVID cases surge

Updated, November 25, 2020

Limit in-person contact

The more visitors we have entering our communities, the higher the risk of COVID-19 exposure. To help limit the number of people entering our communities, Points West Living and Connecting Care are asking designated family and support persons to re-evaluate their loved one's need for them to be physically present. If the answer is less than 'absolutely essential',  then please consider virtual options to connecting, and postpone in-person contact until the current COVID situation settles down. 


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person centered housing


Updated November 6, 2020
People are our priority, and that includes our residents, families, communities, and Employee Care Partners (ECPs).

The rising numbers of COVID-19 cases are extremely concerning.

We recognize that the presence of designated family/support persons is essential to the maintenance of resident mental and physical health, even in an outbreak situation so we are doing what we can to find a safe balance.

Any visiting person who works or lives in an area of high COVID-19 exposure (for example, Calgary and Edmonton) is considered higher risk of unknown exposure. For all visiting persons from these regions, this means it is even more critical to ensure you are practicing proper hand hygiene, continuous masking, physical distancing, and symptom screening. People at high risk of unknown exposure to COVID-19 are advised to have no physical contact with the person they are supporting unless providing direct care to the resident and are wearing all appropriate PPE.

We also ask that you evaluate your need to be physically present (based on resident need), to help in limiting the number of people entering our community. The more visitors we have entering our community, the higher the risk of COVID-19 exposure to our residents and Employee Care Partners (ECPs). As an alternative, please consider virtual options to connecting with your family member(s).

Thank you for your support and shared commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and for helping us to keep our residents and ECPs healthy and safe.