Welcome to Points West Living, a leading provider of quality supportive living space in Western Canada.

Points West Living residents enjoy a healthful blend of¬†independence, social activity and high-quality personalized care in a friendly, caring assisted living community ... designed with resident’s well being in mind!

In a Points West Living community you’ll find a comfortable, accessible, residents-focused setting, with a healthy mix of private and community living.

Our employee care partners are caring professionals who are dedicated to helping residents thrive in an environment that supports and honours their abilities and contributions. We follow the Eden Model of Seniors Care.

Let us show you how our Contemporary ‘Lifestyle’ Communities promote active, engaged, and healthy living for seniors.


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What's New

Competitive mother-daughter duo are step challenge champs

There was a lot of action in and around the Gibb household in August. Darcie Gibb, the Wellness & Safety Coordinator for Points West Living’s operations company Connecting Care, and her daughter Denna finished the Steps2MentalHealth walking challenge in the top two individual walker spots. It was very close.


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