Heritage House - FAQ

When did the site open?

This community opened in May 2000. The new addition, Heritage Heights, opened July 2017.

How many of the suites will be available for Low Income Seniors and what will their rent be?

42 suites are available for low to moderate income seniors.
Please see the table below.  All Rates are approximate.

Type Of Suite Number of Suites Rental Rates Per Month
1- Bedroom or 1- Bedroom with Den 68 $1570 - $1970
2 - Bedroom 8 $2070
Studios 20 $2036
Supportive Living Suite (SL4)   $2036
Additional Person in Suite   $650 ($150 for Heritage Heights)
Additional DSL Person in Suite   $2036

Is there a choice in room size, layout?

There are four styles of suites: 1- Bedroom, 1- Bedroom with Den, 2- Bedroom and Studio

Are appliances included?

Yes, in the 1 & 2 - Bedroom suites there is a stove and an apartment-sized fridge. Suites in Heritage Heights also have a dishwasher. In the Studio suites there is a microwave and a beverage size fridge.

What services does the rent cover?

The Rental Rates include weekly light housekeeping, power, heat and water, and three meals per day and snacks; weekly linen services. Extras would include cable, telephone, wi-fi and personal laundry. The Independent Supportive Living suites with full kitchens will be provided Dinner, with the option of adding other meals.

How often does the rent go up, and by how much?

Rental rates, if they change, would increase 1 time per year. Any increase for Designated Supportive Living suites is based on Alberta Health Long Term Care Room Rental Rates.

Tell us about the staffing. Who will be in charge of the building? Who will be caring for the tenants and what type of care will they provide? What are their qualifications? Where did they receive their training?

There will be Certified Health Care Aides (HCA) providing most of the hands-on personal    care such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, medication assistance and other services to the residents.  Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) will perform nursing care functions, such as injections, wound dressings, and any other tasks that do not fall within an HCA’s scope of practice.

The community will have an experienced Manager managing the day-to-day operations. Support to the Manager will be provided by Connecting Care (the Manager).   Other staff employed by Points West Living will assist with hospitality services, such as food services, housekeeping, and maintenance.

Alberta Health Services will provide Health Care Professionals for case management. The Case Manager, as part of the health care team, in collaboration with Team (resident and family/ guardian, LPN, HCAs), will develop the plan of care to meet the individual resident’s needs and oversee the implementation and evaluation of the plan. On Call services by Registered Nurses will be provided by the Alberta Health Services Home Care program.

Will this site have Home Care in the Independent Supportive Living suites?

Professional Homecare services will continue to be provided by Alberta Health Services. Personal care services will be provided to Independent Supportive Living residents (non- Designated Supportive Living) either by Points West Living Health Care Aides (HCA’s) or by Alberta Health Services Home Care.

Will this site have its own bus service for Doctor's appointments, a bank run, shopping etc. and will there be a fee to use this service?

There is currently no plan to purchase a bus. We will evaluate for a bus based on the services available locally.

What types of on-site Amenities will there be?

Hair Salon; Exercise Space; Spa Tub Room; Multi-Purpose Room; Guest Room-1; Living Rooms; Laundry Rooms; Ample Parking; Patios; Courtyards; Walking Paths and Gardens.

Who provides the food? Does it come in frozen? Where is it prepared and by whom? Is there a dietician involved in the planning of the meals and special diets?

Points West Living provides home-made meals. We offer residents a variety of choices, allowing them to enjoy local favorites, familiar foods and specialties. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used when possible. All food is prepared fresh daily, on-site by staff of Points West Living. Staff are trained in food preparation and handling. The staff prepare food based on a 9-week menu cycle. Menus are based on The Canada Food Guide and are approved by a Dietary Technologist. Special diets are available and managed on site including: low sodium, low calorie, celiac, thickened, minced, pureed, and diabetic.

If the menus are pre-planned, what about holidays, special events, or requests?

While there is a 12-week menu cycle, there is always flexibility within that cycle. All menus are reviewed monthly with special consideration given for holidays, special events and occasions, as well as residents' requests.

Will there be a Physician on call?

No. Supportive Living is considered community based, not medical facility based. Residents would maintain their Physician in the community and would continue accessing physician services in same manner as before moving to Points West Living.

Who can reside at Points West Living?

The Designated Supportive Living residents will be assessed by Alberta Health Services through Coordinated Access for Points West Living. Inquiries on the assessment and placement process can be obtained by contacting the Alberta Health Services at 1-855-371-4122.

The 54 Independent Supportive Living suites are available to individuals wishing to have the services offered by Points West Living (safe environment, meals, housekeeping, recreation, 24/7 staffing). Please contact the office at 780-603-0853 or gm.vegreville@pointswestliving.com.