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Garden clubs take on planning, purchasing,
planting, and tending

June 10th, 2019

Resident gardeners at Points West Living Red Deer began early this year to plan for spring. They formed a Garden Club where they dreamed and schemed about how to fill the raised garden beds. Finally, on the afternoon of May 28, they were able to put their plans into action. They went shopping.

Carts laden with promise

Twelve residents and a few employee care partners travelled by van to the big Blue Grass Nursery west of town where they split into groups, roughly reflecting their interest in flowers, vegetables and herbs. By the time they were done, their carts were laden with promise.

Resident Gary Leavitt (in photo above with Recreation Therapist Delray Dempsey) took care of the vegetable shopping, and was very impressed with the many different kinds of vegetables available at the greenhouse. Last year he maintained his own tomatoes and cucumbers in the courtyard.

Teas, bees, and butterflies

“We left the greenhouse with many different vegetables, including tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cabbage, and more,” says recreation coordinator Alyssa Siefried. “We also got a whole bed’s worth of assorted herbs for the kitchen’s use as well as making homemade teas this summer. As for flowers we decided on planting our own rose garden, as well as flowers for picking, and others, like marigolds and petunias that will attract bees and butterflies.”

Planting for a harvest of beauty

Once everyone returned home, it was time to plant. “Two of our residents really helped out with planting,” says Alyssa. “Dorothy Nourse, and Marj worked in the flower beds for two full afternoons, getting all the plants purchased into the soil and well-watered.”

“We all take such pride in our flower beds and our courtyards,” says Alyssa. “Our Garden Club residents did an absolutely wonderful job. We can’t wait to spend many warm afternoons outside enjoying the beautiful plants while hopefully getting a healthy harvest of vegetables this summer.”


There’s also a new activity group called ‘Walk-N-Water’, a group of residents and employee care partners who go out two days a week to enjoy the sunshine, weed, water, and generally care for the garden beds.

Photo: Recreation Therapist, Delray Dempsey and resident Gary Leavitt load up on vegetables at the Blue Grass Nursery west of Red Deer.

More photos at Flickr: Garden clubs at PWL Red Deer take on planning, purchasing, planting and tending

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