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E-Talks, we listen. Employee care partners get a
refreshing take on education updates

September 13th, 2017

Elithea De Villiers and Marlon Cruz are giving the Eden message a Hollywood touch – with a generous dash of vaudeville. And that’s great news for employee care partners who’d like a little entertainment mixed in with their education. As the champions of education for Points West Living and Connecting Care, Elithea and Marlon have launched a series of videos to deliver the Ten Principles of Eden.

Employee care partner training

The first two ‘E-Talks’ videos have been released and are available for viewing through arrangement with the General Manager or Educator at each Points West Living location. The brief videos and associated quizzes contribute to the annual training requirement for employee care partners.

Playfulness and production sleight of hand

In the first two episodes, Elithea brings her knowledge, experience and passion to the big screen, as well as the playfulness people have come to appreciate with her in-person presentations. Peppered throughout the videos are bits of production sleight of hand orchestrated by Marlon. It turns out Marlon has a background in broadcasting in the Philippines where he learned script writing, camera work, lighting and basics of production.

“We truly believe that education is best soil warmer to plant the seed of the Eden Alternative,” says Marlon, “and to consistently instill the values of the company’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Model of Care.”

Enthusiastic response

Marlon says he’s received enthusiastic feedback on the videos from early viewers. Here are some of the comments:

  • I used the E-Talks today at General Orientation. It worked out really well. The segment introduced the care partners to Eden in a fun, pleasant and entertaining way.
  • That was an awesome presentation. I laughed so much, my admin said I was having too much fun in the office. Can’t wait to get the care partners to watch this fun and educative piece.
  • This made my day Marlon and Elithea! Love the energy and most importantly the departure dance.

A new video will be released each month, with the option of making additional versions for families and other care partners in the future.

Photo: Elithea De Villiers talks about ‘Warming the Soil’ in E-Talks, Episode 2.

More photos (including 'studio shots') on Flickr:E-Talks, we listen. Employee care partners get a refreshing take on education updates

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