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A perfect 100 for PWL Cold Lake resident

October 24th, 2017

Beulah Rudell had a ready reply when she was asked how she’d like to celebrate her 100th birthday at Points West Living Cold Lake. She said she wanted “fresh strawberries, painted nails, an up-do in the salon, and breakfast in bed.” When the big day rolled around, she got exactly what she wanted, and then some. 

Breakfast in bed!

On the morning of September 26, 2017, Beulah awoke to find PWL Salve Lake’s maintenance care partner, Roger Beauchamp dapperly dressed and carrying a breakfast tray into her room. Recreation coordinator Angela Benoit was there too, and says “Beulah was so happy, she kept saying, ‘Can you believe this? Breakfast in bed! I’m 100 years old today.”

Beulah’s morning unfolded with an on-site salon date for a wash and set by KIX Hair Salon, Angela painted her nails a bright birthday red, and the kitchen crew made her a gigantic birthday cake with fresh strawberries.

A wonderful celebration

Beulah’s family and friends joined in and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch with bacon-wrapped chicken breasts, shrimp skewers, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and fruit. “The whole dining room was decorated in fall colours, which beautifully matched the floral bouquet our Residents’ Council had purchased for her birthday,” says Angela. “She had a wonderful celebration.” 

Photo: Beulah Rudell gets a big surprise as fresh strawberries fulfill another of her birthday wishes at PWL Cold Lake. Beulah celebrated her 100th birthday on September 26.

More photos at Flickr: A perfect 100 for PWL Cold Lake resident

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