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Swatter Ball has folks swinging
at PWL Red Deer

October 25th, 2017

There’s a new game in town, at Points West Living Red Deer. ‘Swatter Ball’ is light on cost and equipment but generous in laughs. All it takes to start is one balloon, a fly-swatter for each player, and a room big enough for a circle of fun. 

Growing number of participants

The recreation team at PWL Red Deer introduced the game in early October, and the group has already had to move to a larger room to accommodate the growing number of participants.

“Not only is it fun, but it incorporates being physical and dexterity!” says recreation care partner Anita Lobe. “We play with regular fly-swatters and balloons and have a variety of games like using our less dominant hand and playing with two balloons and two swatters. Plus, the person who pops the balloon gets a prize!”

Swatter Ball rulebook

The group has added enough complexity to the game that they’re already working on a Swatter Ball rulebook, and getting great input from residents!

Photo: Fly-swatters and balloons are the only tools needed to have a rollicking game of Swatter Ball at PWL Red Deer.

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