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Costume contest highlights a day of spooky fun
at PWL Peace River

November 5th, 2017

All Hallows’ Eve started off innocently enough at Points West Living Peace River with the arrival of 38 little folks from the kindergarten class at Good Shepherd School. But once the sweet spooks were gone, competition began to heat up over residents’ and care partners’ costumes, and it was only good planning that prevented a Monster Mash… 

Treats then Tricks

The students from Good Shepherd charmed residents when they arrived in the morning, all dressed in costumes and serving up a few songs as their trick. They sang two songs in English and one in French, much to the enjoyment of residents, care partners, visiting friends and family. The children wove through the room to shake hands with residents and to receive treats from many.

Lots of prizes 

That visit was followed up by lunch and when the meal was completed, the costume parade began. General Manager David Haastrup and LPN Tamara Graham had the task of judging the costumes based on originality, humour, scariness, and some group divisions. Fortunately they had planned for enough prizes that everyone in costume was a winner.


Here are the results. See if you can pick out the winners in the photo above, or in this photo of costumed care partners.

  • Most Original: Little Red Riding Hood, 97-year-old resident Anne Kuran
  • Funniest: (3 winners) Care partner Raquel Gallano dressed as Poison Ivy; care partner Marcherie Tambuli dressed as Queen of the Nile (not in photo); and Curtis Karpiak, maintenance man dressed as the Super Handy Man (not in photo)
  • Scariest: Ryan Fedilo, housekeeping care partner, dressed as a Zombie (not in photo)
  • Cutest: resident Marie Strachan dressed as Cat in the Hat
  • Most Royal: Bob LeFebvre
  • Best Couple: Mother-daughter duo of Bernadette Harris (admin and recreation) dressed as a Black Widow, Lee-Anne Harris (hair stylist) dressed as a Sugar Skull
  • Best Group: Delbert and Grace Hallet, and their daughter Donna Spiller. Delbert was a Clown, Grace was a Witch and Donna was dressed as a Widow


More photos at Flickr: Costume contest highlights a day of spooky fun at PWL Peace River 

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