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Community award highlights PWL Stettler commitment to training… and fun

November 20th, 2017

The Stettler Board of Trade held its annual Business and Citizenship Awards Gala at the end of October, and this year, Points West Living Stettler won the Learning in the Workplace Award. The gala also had a bit of fun, especially when General Manager Carol Dyck shared the spotlight with the new Mayor of Stettler.

Training in the workplace

PWL Stettler was nominated for the award by Central Alberta Campus - Stettler Learning Centre and the local high school. This past spring, PWL Stettler offered a total of 20 practicum placements to HCA students from both schools and ended up hiring 12. “The students did one-on-ones with some of our care partners, then worked alongside for about 20 days,” says Carol. “For the care partners there’s always a bit of extra work, but then they get a bit of help which results in a break for them as well.” 

Residents loved it

“The residents loved it, the high school kids especially,” says Carol. “The students were so enthusiastic about building their careers. Perhaps this practicum gave some future doctors a taste of Eden and the right way to manage seniors’ supportive living.”

The recognition this award bestows has also given Carol a role in building for Stettler’s future. “They’ve asked me to sit on their local board for providing insight to future area programs to influence community needs.”

The entertainment

The most entertaining part of the evening is when Carol was ‘hooped’ into the spotlight. “That was a fun thing,” Carol says. “They had an entertainer looking for volunteers, and while I was looking at the front, behind me, the PWL Stettler care partners who had come with me to the gala, all pointed at me, and of course, I got picked.” At the same time, Mayor Sean Nolls was called up, and the two tried their hand at disco dance and hula hooping – with varying degrees of success.

Glad we are in their community

As the evening wrapped up, Carol was pleased to hear from other guests, including town counsellors, “how glad they are to have us in their community.” The Learning in the Workplace plaque is proudly displayed in the front foyer of PWL Stettler.

Photo: Disco and hula; PWL Stettler GM Carol Dyck, and Sean Nolls, mayor of Stettler, do entertainer Safire’s bidding at the Stettler Board of Trade’s annual Business and Citizenship Awards Gala (inset: Learning in the Workplace plaque)

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