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PWL Slave Lake welcomes
new General Manager... over lunch

November 20th, 2017

The thing that Marilyn Badduik likes best so far in her position as General Manager of Points West Living Slave Lake is going to lunch. Every day, she gets to go to a different cottage to dine with residents and care partners. She finds it a great way to get to know residents and team members, to experience how things work, and to enjoy some good food while she’s at it. 

Life 'off the Rock'

Marilyn originally hails from Newfoundland but came west to Saskatoon when she was 18. She took her nurses’ training there, got married and had two daughters and one son. Eventually, the family moved to the town of Westlock, where Marilyn worked as an LPN homecare nurse.

In 2008, Marilyn says she “added a new husband and third daughter, making us happy parents of four grown children. Today, we’re proud Nana and Papa to our beautiful 20-month old granddaughter.”

Now living in Slave Lake, Marilyn has worked most recently as a coordinator of programs and services with Blue Heron Support Services Association. Her work there, helping young people living with disabilities transition from youth to adult life, gave her a real appreciation for the Eden philosophy of care. “Much of the Eden focus of resident-centred care mirrors the approach we found so valuable providing disability services to youth and their families.”

Really good team

She is excited to join the care partner team at PWL Slave Lake. “We have a really good team here,” Marilyn says. “There are lots of things we can do well, and a lot of areas where we can grow. With Eden there’s always room to grow.”


That growth has a deeply personal motivation for Marilyn. “I have my own 91-year-old mother living in supportive living in Newfoundland,” she says. “I’d like to be able to do for our residents here what I’m hoping someone there is doing for my mom.”

Marilyn is particularly thankful to Petal Hamilton, who served as PWL Slave Lake’s Interim GM for nine months. Petal has returned to her former LPN position and is able to lend Marilyn a hand as she learns the GM role. Former GM Julie Bradstreet who went on medical leave in January 2017 has returned to her home community in New Brunswick. 

Photo: Marilyn Badduik is the new General Manager at PWL Slave Lake. Welcome, Marilyn!

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