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Year-round giving warms hearts
at PWL Slave Lake

December 4th, 2017

It’s not just Christmas that brings out the generosity of folks in Slave Lake. Every month a local resident drops by Points West Living Slave Lake bearing treats for residents. And recently, several employee care partners received a surprising thank you gift from the daughter of a cherished resident. 

Such a heartfelt gift

“Sarah, one of our memory care residents recently presented us with a gift from her daughter,” says recreation coordinator Ashleigh Turner. “Sarah’s daughter had hand-crocheted 30 unique dishcloths of all different colors to thank employee care partners for all of their love and hard work. It is always nice to hear a good job is being done but receiving such a heartfelt gift was a real honor.”

Big bags of goodies for our residents

Ashleigh adds, “We also receive donations from a kind woman in the Slave Lake Community. Every month, Dianne Pretty brings in big bags of goodies for our residents; goodies such as chips, cookies, toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, etc. Residents often enjoy the snacks as they relax and visit after recreation activities, and we often use the non-edibles, such as shampoo and toothbrushes as prizes for games.”

Truly blessed

“Many of us know the warm feeling you get when you give a gift from the heart, whether it be an item or your time; and being the recipient of a gift of thanks feels wonderful. We are truly blessed to live in a community that cares so much.”

Photo: PWL Slave Lake resident Sarah, along with Health Care Aide Delaila Mesina show off the box of colourful crocheted dishcloths, handmade by Sarah’s daughter as a gift to employee care partners.

More photos at Flickr: Year-round giving warms hearts at PWL Slave Lake

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