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PWL Cold Lake spa room makeover entices
residents to take the plunge

December 1st, 2017

New subdued light and colours, soothing music, and many other thoughtful touches have turned bath time into a relaxing and enjoyable experience for many residents at Points West Living Cold Lake. The changes give the spa room the look and feel of a real spa, and residents are loving it. 

A facelift for the spa room

Earlier this fall, PWL Cold Lake’s General Manager Tricia Coish welcomed a challenge by her community mentor Mary Lou Duncan to give the spa room a facelift. Tricia sat down with some residents to find out what could be done to make going for a bath more appealing. She came to the conclusion that they needed just a little bit more privacy to feel comfortable while using the tub.

Enjoyable experience for everyone

“This lead to an explosion of ideas on how to make this room the most enjoyable experience for everyone,” says recreation coordinator Angela Benoit, “Tricia was able to get input from our care partners on colours of paint and specific items to attract our residents; from relaxing music, dimming lights, aromatherapy, fresh turquoise paint, decals, privacy screens, new shelves complete with plants and candles, and a television for their favourite movie. Tricia was committed to making it happen and she did.”

“The renovation began at the end of October with our maintenance care partner Roger Beauchamp preparing the space and painting the walls and trim,” says Angela. “Next the décor was delivered and he put up three new shelves. Privacy screens were added to one side of the room to block any view from the doorway. Tree and bird decals were placed on the wall. The room looks absolutely stunning. Everything was perfectly set up; just right.”


The most intriguing addition for residents was the arrival of an aromatherapy device. “When we turned it on, the beautiful scents provided a perfect calm to the room,” says Angela. “It also sparked interest and appreciation from men and women alike; they want to know what the beautiful smell is.”

Wellness coordinator Lorraine Strelezki is developing a new booking system so residents who need help with bathing are sure to get their turn in the spa. Even residents who are able to use their own room's shower unassisted are inquiring about booking a little spa-aromatherapy time.

Photo: The spa room at PWL Cold Lake after its beauty and comfort makeover.

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