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Missionary to be first face on ‘100 Years Loved’
wall at PWL Red Deer

December 6th, 2017

Charlie Shorten celebrated his 100th birthday at Points West Living Red Deer on December 5. The recreation team, care partners, family members and friends secretly worked together to surprise him with a party, and to give his portrait the place of honour on a new display wall. 

100 Years Loved

Charlie is the first resident to turn 100 since PWL Red Deer opened over a year ago, and according to recreation coordinator Barb Morris, care partners want to honour him and others who achieve the centenary milestone. “We have designated a wall for all residents that turn 100, and we will hang their photo on it,” Barb says. “We’re calling it ‘100 Years Loved’ and Charlie’s photo will be the first one we hang on the wall.”

Missionary in Africa

Charlie was born in Toronto, and grew up in London, Ontario, where he met Winifred whom he married when he came home from service in Europe as a medic during the Second World War. The couple had four children and served as missionaries in Angola until Winifred died of cancer after more than two decades of marriage. After a time, Charlie was fortunate to find a new life partner in Betty, another missionary, and together they took their work to Rwanda. During his 40 years as a missionary, Charlie helped build schools and hospitals, and support local Christian communities.

Clean living and the presence of God

“Charlie says some of the reasons he has lived to be 100 years old may be that he always ate healthy food right out of the garden, never drank or smoked and also didn’t enjoy the taste of coffee or tea,” says Barb. “He also thanks God for being with him throughout his life, and believes God has always been with him and his family throughout the years.”

Photo: Photo: Charlie Shorten (second from left) celebrates his 100th birthday with friends and family at Points West Living Red Deer on December 5. He is joined here by his sons David (left) and Robert (right) and his wife Betty.

More photos at Flickr: Missionary to be first face on ‘100 Years Loved’ wall at PWL Red Deer

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