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PWL Cold Lake is going to the dogs; and cats
and horses and birds…

December 20th, 2017

Points West Living Cold Lake has had a resident kitty for three years now, and poor Miss Nelly is getting a little annoyed with all of the other critters moving onto her turf. From visiting horses to those dogs, and now even birds, it’s no wonder Nelly’s patience is wearing thin. 

Blame it on our Residents' Council

“Blame it on our Residents’ Council,” laughs a delighted Angela Benoit, PWL Cold Lake’s recreation coordinator. “They voted recently to bring more ‘life’ into the community, and in the last two weeks, we’ve had visits from four horses and two dogs and we just bought four budgie birds.”

Lots of treats and belly rubs

“Miss Nelly has had her nose in the air because of our visitors, so we’re paying extra attention to her; lots of treats and belly rubs,” says Angela. One of the visiting dogs is Angela’s 11-year-old Maltese poodle named Kenzie, who comes to visit at least three times a week. “She is getting very comfortable around the community; so comfortable that she has residents sneaking food to her under the table. One of our residents, Allyson Smart loves to take Kenzie for walks each day and to throw the ball across the floor to watch her slide and catch.”

When she saw those horses...

“One day we had a surprise visit from Penner Ranch,” says Angela. “They had 4 horses in the trailer so I ran and got Karen Erickson, one of our residents who absolutely loves horses. When she saw those horses, her face lit up like fireworks. The smiles and laughter we got out of her was the music to my ears.”

Two pairs of budgie birds

Two weeks ago, Allyson and Angela went to the pet store and purchased two pairs of budgie birds; the two green birds are upstairs and the two blue ones are in Memory Care. “Allyson’s wish for Christmas is that the pairs produce some offspring in the near future,” says Angela. “She can’t wait for ‘Babies, babies, babies!’.”

"Alice, who loves to watch the blue budgies, says she thinks they are ‘just marvelous’, and Linda Clark loves to hear them sing along to my bird noises,” says Angela. “It brings so much joy and conversation to the residents having these pets as part of our community.”

Miss Nelly still owns the throne

In the meantime, Miss Nelly is in no danger of being dethroned as the cat queen of the community. “She has three different homes in our community and knows her way around,” says Angela. “She lets herself outside and back in, she goes up and down the elevator, and jumps up onto Dorothy Clapham’s walker for a free ride to Garry Ferrier’s place where he spoils her with special treats and a comfy bed.”

Photo: Resident Allyson Smart loves animals and couldn’t resist a kiss from a friendly horse poking its head out of a Penner Ranch trailer stopped at PWL Cold Lake.

More great critter photos at Flickr: PWL Cold Lake is going to the dogs; and cats and horses and birds…

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