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Generosity of spirit marks the holiday season

January 2nd, 2018

Goodies and treats were flowing throughout the Christmas season at Points West Living Slave Lake, with many residents and visitors giving and exchanging gifts. For one relatively new employee care partner, witnessing so many deliberate acts of kindness was surprising and heartwarming. 

Incredibly moved by the love and generosity I see

This is recreation coordinator Ashleigh Turner’s first Christmas at PWL Slave Lake, and she was blown away by the generosity of spirit she observed. “It is my fourth month being a part of the Points West team,” Ashleigh says, “and I am already so incredibly moved by the love and generosity I see here every day.”

Here are just a couple of examples Ashleigh has shared.

Heading out on an adventure

Kathleen McClanaghan is one of our beloved residents living in one of our memory care cottages,” Ashleigh says. “Her sister Mildred visits Kathleen often and always comes into Points West with a smile. Almost as soon as we see Mildred come in the door, we see her and Kathleen heading out again to go on an adventure.

Diet sensitive goodie-bags

“This holiday season Mildred brought every resident in the memory care cottages a goodie-bag. The bags were filled with chocolate and candy of all sorts. Mildred went above and beyond making special bags for those on a diabetic diet. If that isn’t the definition of Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is!”

A fistful of Tim's cards

“Another act of generosity was one we received from resident Kay Stasow and her family,” Ashleigh adds. “Kay is another resident living in one of our memory care cottages, and her son Rick visits her almost every day. In December Rick gave the Points West team a stack of Tim Horton’s gift cards to use at our staff Christmas party. The gift cards were used in draws and games the evening of our employee care partner Christmas party, and many of us are now enjoying some coffee and donuts compliments of the Stasow family.”

“It is a true blessing to live in a community where people are so loving and generous. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Photo Collage: (Top) Resident Kathleen McClanaghan and her sister Mildred enjoy a moment at PWL Slave Lake. Mildred made special bags of Christmas treats for each resident in PWL Slave Lake memory care cottages. (Lower left) Rick Stasow gave a stack of Tim Horton’s gift cards. (Lower right) Ashleigh Turner shared these stories of Christmas goodness.

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