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Cat people and dog people are happy
with their furry friends

January 22nd, 2018

There are cat people and there are dog people, and fortunately for Cookie and Kali, there are plenty of both at Points West Living Heritage House in Vegreville. Cookie is a calm outdoor kitty who was brought in from the cold a few months ago. Kali is a rambunctious Shih-Tzu pup who visits regularly, much to residents’ delight, and Cookie’s annoyance. 

The cat people

“Cookie was 8 months old when she joined us and she loves to play with toy mice and purr all day long. She brings us all so much joy,” says General Manager Alexis Bauer. “Our resident Josie Nestorowich (photo lower left) loves her so much, she decided to knit her a blanket to lie on and snuggle her whenever Cookie wants to relax.” Another resident, Wilma Golinowski plays with Cookie and takes care of her every day.

The dog people

Kali belongs to office administrator Roxane Bordyniuk. Kali is still a pup – just over a year now – so she visits with Roxane just once or twice a week for a few hours at a time. But when she’s tired of her kennel by Roxane’s desk, there’s plenty of time for Kali to visit with friends and make some new ones too.

“One couple, Marshall Triska (top in photo) and his wife Vicki (lower right in photo), take Kali to their suite for about up to hour-and-a-half each visit,” says Roxane. “If Marshall is still in bed she’ll jump up onto his bed and start playing with him. She will also stand by the fridge waiting for her treats of ham and sausage; Vicki says it’s ‘only a little piece’. From the time I bring Kali to visit them to the time she leaves, Vicki is giggling and Marshall has a big smile on his face. Every time they walk past my desk they ask when I will be bringing Kali back. Marshall tells me that he is going sneak Kali into his suite and hide her from me.”

Banana jumper

“Another couple, John and Mary babysit Kali too,” Roxane says. “Mary has limited mobility and she doesn’t stay up very long during the day, but when Kali comes to visit, Mary stays up for an extra hour. Kali likes to hop up and sit on Mary’s lap in the wheelchair. Mary gives Kali treats too, but her treats are pieces of banana! Kali loves to jump up and snatch the banana from her. Another gentleman, Neil has two Shih-Tsu at home. He misses them very much, so he is very happy when Kali comes to visit.”

Like cats and dogs?

Of course, when you put a cat and a dog together, you never know quite what’s going to happen… “We have tried to see if Cookie and Kali would get along,” says Roxane. “So far they do not. Kali is still wanting to jump and play and the cat is more mature about it, and isn't sure about all that jumping around.”

Photo: (Clockwise from lower left) Josie Nestorowich made a cuddle blanket for Cookie the cat; Marshall (top) and Vicki Triska (lower right) love to welcome Kali at PWL Heritage House in Vegreville.

More photos at Flickr: Cat people and dog people are happy with their furry friends at PWL Heritage House

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