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Paint night, Points West Living style

January 22nd, 2018

Independent living residents at Points West Living Red Deer shared a fun community event recently; Paint Night, PWL style. Following a similar format to the popular Paint Nite® phenomenon, recreation coordinator Barb Morris walked participants through painting a personalized creation. 

Passion for painting

As she led the group through each stage of their artwork, Barb shared her own passion for painting. “I began painting when I was six years old,” Barb says. “My mother had bought me a basic paint set and paper, and I used to go outside with her as she worked her flower garden. I would paint the flowers using one brush or my fingers. That is a memory I will always treasure in my heart.”

“I continued to paint throughout my younger years, and then I opened up my own shop and began teaching others to paint. I believe that everyone has creativity within them whether it is painting, gardening, knitting, story writing,” says Barb; “anything that comes from within their soul.”

Each painting turned out fabulous

Barb was able to put that experience to good use at PWL Red Deer and made sure everyone finished the evening with a painting they were proud of. “Each painting turned out fabulous, and the residents were laughing and so happy with their results.”

Photo: Barb Morris (seated, center) led participants in a Paint Night at PWL Red Deer 

More photos at Flickr: Paint Night, PWL style

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