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Residents learn Swedish weaving,
a new way with a needle

January 25th, 2018

“All you need is fabric, a little yarn, a needle, and a pattern.” That’s one of the reasons hair stylist Terie Nickel likes to do Swedish weaving, and why she decided to share her skills with residents of Points West Living Wainwright. “It’s also easy to learn, and once you get the hang of it, it goes quite quickly.” 

Project placemat

Swedish weaving, also known as Huck embroidery is used to decorate towels, linens, and clothing. One of the most popular applications of the technique today is on Monk’s cloth afghan blankets. The PWL group started off with something much more modest; placemats.

Laughter and concentration

“Residents and care partners spent a nice evening learning and doing something new,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “There were equal parts laughter and intense concentration! Our goal is for each person to make a placement using the same pattern. It was quickly determined that we would have to meet at least one more time with Terie for guidance.”

Photo: Resident Sonja Skory joins in the Swedish weaving bee at PWL Wainwright

More photos at Flickr: Residents learn Swedish weaving, a new way with a needle

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