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Donated box of vintage records results in flood
of fond musical memories

February 2nd, 2018

One day last fall, someone dropped off a box of old vinyl records to Points West Living Stettler. Since there was no on-site record player (who needs one these days, right?), recreation coordinator Jenn Dixon started checking out units in antique stores. To her delight, she found one where she least expected it, and since then residents have been enjoying leisurely journeys back in musical time.

Spinning records

“To my amazement, I found brand new record players at Walmart,” says Jenn. “I bought one that looked like they did back in the day, and started playing records for residents as they arrived early for an event and sat waiting for it to start. They loved it!”

Award-winning vocal quintet

When one resident’s family found out about the vintage listening time, they brought in their own family favourite, a 37-year-old recording made by Stettler musicians to celebrate Alberta’s 75th anniversary in 1980.

Included in the album are resident Sandra Steele (pictured above), her mother and sisters, a vocal quintet that was very active in the province around the time of the recording. They performed in musical events and competed in talent shows winning many awards. Sandra sang tenor, her sisters Angela and Joanne sang soprano and younger sister Laura played guitar and lead soprano. Led by their mother, who also played guitar and sang alto, they travelled all over the province performing. 

So pleased to listen to a memory

“Sandra was so pleased to listen to a memory that meant a great deal to her personally,” says Jenn. “She was also happy that the other residents enjoyed her family group and the other performers on the record as well.”

Photo: PWL Stettler resident Sandra Steele holds a vintage 1980 record of Stettler performers that includes her family’s singing group. She enjoyed sharing their music with other residents on the residence's new retro record player.

More photos at Flickr: Donated box of records results in flood of fond musical memories

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