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Pampering perms welcomed by
the ladies of Lloyd

February 5th, 2018

Seven beautiful residents of Points West Living Lloydminster were recently treated to complimentary perms under the pampering touch of students in the Hairstyling Certificate program at Lakeland College. The resulting hairstyles were a real testament to the students’ growing skills. 

Great collaboration

“This is the fourth year in a row we have teamed up with Lakeland College to have our residents’ hair done,” says General Manager Sarah Walker. “It is such a great collaboration. Our residents get pampered and the students gain the experience they need for their program.”

Accompanied by care partners Rhoda Mendoza and Mary Ann Guito, residents Nancy Showers, Fern Shattuck, Iva Haan, Beth Kent, Patricia Brassington, Helen Brooks, and Bobby McDougall (pictured above) took the Handivan to the college for their group perms.

What's a 'perm'?

If you’re not sure what a perm is, here’s your answer. It’s a ‘permanent wave’ that is created by setting hair in curlers and adding chemicals so the hair sets ‘permanently’ around the shape of the curlers. It results in ‘natural curls’ that last for months.

Fabulous photos

Sarah was able to capture some fabulous photos of the residents and the student hairstylists clearly having a fine time together. Be sure to check out the Flickr photos link below.

Photo: PWL Lloydminster resident Bobbi McDougall, and the Lakeland College student hairstylist who did such a lovely job on Bobbi’s hair.

More fabulous photos at Flickr: Pampering perms welcomed by the ladies of Lloyd 

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