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New General Manager prepares for summer
opening of PWL Wetaskiwin

February 8th, 2018

Lots of people are getting excited about this summer’s opening of Points West Living Wetaskiwin, but none more keenly than Tamara Thomas. Back in September, Tamara was hired as the general manager for the new supportive living home, and while she’s been active elsewhere in Points West, she can’t wait to get started in Wetaskiwin. 

Involved in everything

Tamara has been busy working with Tracy Sutherland, the interim General Manager at PWL Red Deer. “It’s an exceptional bonus that I have had all of this time to prepare, learning everything to do with Points West,” says Tamara. “Because Tracy is new in her position, we’ve been supporting each other. So I’ve been able to be involved in everything from how to set up HR files to collaborating on wellness strategies, to see how it’s all done.”

She is eager to get to work at PWL Wetaskiwin, and now spends at least one day a week there becoming increasingly involved in the building preparation. Soon she'll be starting the hiring process for the new residence.

Tamara has worked previously as a GM in an extended care home, and says “The more I’ve worked with Points West and the people at PWL Red Deer, the more I like their philosophy; I feel that it’s a good fit.”

At home in central Alberta

Born in Hawkesbury Ontario (on the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Montreal) to a Spanish-Jamaican father and British mother, Tamara moved with her family to Stettler Alberta when she was eight years old. And with just a few turns in the road, she’s lived in central Alberta ever since. Home is now New Norway where she lives on an acreage with her two daughters, their German shepherd, and a few other acreage critters. Music plays a huge role in their lives, both in the home and in churches and community gatherings where their musical offerings range from gospel to classical. Tamara’s widowed mother and four sisters live nearby and are an active part of their lives.

Coming up: watch for an update on the construction of PWL Wetaskiwin

Photo: General Manager Tamara Thomas on a recent public health inspector site visit to PWL Wetaskiwin

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