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Alberta’s Dementia Strategy,
Part 3: The Action Plan

March 14th, 2018

How will the Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan impact individuals and families seeking dementia care over the next few years? Look for better coordination among service providers, more timely access and help to navigate the care and support system, increased integration of research-based initiatives, and public accountability. 

This is the third and final Points West Living News article exploring the Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan (link to Part 1 and Part 2)

Coordination among service providers

When individuals and families seek help at any stage along the dementia journey, they should be able to get to the people and resources they need quickly.

Primary health care providers are the main gateway for people looking for help with dementia diagnoses and management. The Action Plan recommends better coordination among service providers (from general practice physicians to pharmacists and social organizations) and equipping them to help individuals navigate the system of care and supports. *‘As the foundation of dementia care, primary healthcare providers must be supported to increase their ability to recognize, diagnose and clinically manage dementia’. The report calls for primary health care teams to be given ‘timely access to specialist consultation for dementia diagnosis and advice on clinical management… particularly for individuals in rural and remote areas of the province’.

Coordinating health records

The report says the lack of a single electronic record tracking health and social services record often results in disjointed care for individuals living with dementia. Crucial information may be lost during transitions.

Coordinating research

There is a lot of exciting research going on in Alberta (and Canada) into the causes, impacts, and treatments of dementia, as well as in the care and services for individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. The report recommends developing a dementia research framework for Alberta. The framework will enhance coordination, funding, and the timely sharing and integration of research-based initiatives.


Work is already underway to develop ways to monitor and measure the implementation and impact of the Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan. Along with a plan to regularly share that information with the public, this accountability ‘will serve two purposes: keeping Albertans informed and ensuring that the vision, principles, and actions continue to be a priority.’ 

Photo: Shared in Creative Commons by Blue Diamond Gallery (Attribution: Alpha Stock Images

*(Quotations from the Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan document are presented with 'single quotation marks') 

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