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New PWL partnership in Penticton BC

March 28th, 2018

Points West Living has a new partnership with a retirement community in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. In early March, three PWL wellness leaders visited Athens Creek Lodge in Penticton to do orientation and some training in the Eden philosophy of care. What they found was a community already living the Eden way. 

“It was amazing!” says Sarah Walker, General Manager of PWL Lloydminster, who has been an Eden Associate and mentor since 2012. “Athens Creek is a beautiful, independent-living community. It is warm and welcoming as soon as you walk in the door. We were introducing Eden to them, and it turned out that in doing so, we were simply putting names to the things they are already doing.”

Corporate trainer Marlon Cruz echoes Sarah’s observations. “Athens Creek Team is already implementing Eden even before attending the training session. We can say that from how they have empowered their residents and care partners," Marlon says, recalling a few small examples he observed during the two-day training session. "One morning a resident showed us how to operate the coffee machine in the bistro; on another, we intercepted two residents delivering food menus to their fellow residents; and residents have established their own walking club.”

Stephanie Miller, Director of Wellness and Cultural Development, was on hand, as were CEO Doug Mills and COO Georg Rath.

Photo: Care partners from Athens Creek Lodge in Penticton gather with Points West Living orientation leaders Sarah Walker (far left), and Marlon Cruz (front right), as well as CEO Doug Mills (far back left) and COO Georg Rath (far back right), and Athens Creek General Manager Donna McBeth (front row in navy argyle cardigan)

To learn more, visit Athens Creek Retirement Lodge website

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