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PWL Wetaskiwin training and opening dates set

March 27th, 2018

The countdown is on for the opening of Points West Living Wetaskiwin. General Manager Tamara Thomas is excited to share two of the dates she has inked into her calendar. The first is the two-week employee orientation that gets underway June 11. The second is July 3, 2018, when she and employee care partners plan to welcome their first Designated Supportive Living residents. 

Interior painting underway

Tamara is pleased with the progress of the construction and finishing work underway. “Paint is already going on the walls in the cottages,” she says, “and artwork and furniture are in a queue to be ordered once we confirm a few details.”

“This 82-suite 3-story building will have a large patio for common use as well as various smaller patios for residents to enjoy. We’ll also have a bistro, exercise room, hairdressing salon, and a theatre room.”

Eden resident-centered approach

“People I talk with are curious about Points West Living’s commitment to the Eden Philosophy of care,” Tamara says, pointing out that the Eden resident-centered approach to care combats the three plagues that people living in care can experience: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. “This means our staff will be partners in care – ‘care-partners’, and keeping in mind that this is the resident’s home, we will do what it takes to hear and give priority to each resident’s preferences.”

For more information about PWL Wetaskiwin check out our FAQ page

Photo: PWL Wetaskiwin on March 15, 2018; the countdown to opening day is on.

More photos at Flickr: PWL Wetaskiwin training and opening dates set 

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