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St. Patrick’s Day party a highlight for residents

March 26th, 2018

Residents and care partners at Points West Living Stettler embraced their O’s and Mc’s and a whole lot of Irish icons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone was fitted up in green clothes and bobbles, and the green (NA) beer was flowing. 

Leprechaun names

The party started with a scenic video of Ireland to the soundtrack of classic Irish songs like Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, and other ballads of love and loss. “While that was playing,” says recreation coordinator Jenn Dixon, “we played the name game.” That involved coming up with comical Irish leprechaun names that everyone wore as their name tag. The leprechaun names of two lovely colleens (cailín) pictured above are, ‘Toadstool O’Rainbow’ and ‘Daffodil McFearsome’. Then Jenn took to the microphone to share some Irish wit and wisdom. Here is some of her material:

  • It is not a secret after three people know it.
  • Here’s to our wives and girlfriends. May they never meet.
  • Where can you always find gold on St. Patty’s Day? In the dictionary.
  • Why would you never iron a 4-leaf clover? It’s not good to press your luck.
  • What do you call a fake diamond on St. Patrick’s Day? A sham rock.
  • Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you
St. Patrick's Day Trivia

Resident Dustin Potter came up with some St. Patrick’s Day trivia to entertain his friends. “He handed out the trivia paper to all of the residents,” says Jenn, “and he tucked the answers on little leprechaun hats he had stuck up all over the dining area. Residents had so much fun finding the answers and filling out Dustin’s sheet, there weren’t any left over.” When residents and care partners brought their completed sheets to Dustin he handed out gold coin chocolates as a reward.

“Great fun was had by all,” says General Manager Carol Dyck, “but none as much as Dustin who enjoyed visiting with all who had finished.”

Photo: Residents (left) Frances Chatrin (Toadstool O’Rainbow) and Beryl Finch (Daffodil McFearsome) thoroughly enjoyed their St. Patrick’s Day celebration at PWL Stettler.

Lots more great photos at Flickr: St. Patrick’s Day party a highlight for residents

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