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PWL Wainwright has a new General Manager

April 11th, 2018

Carli Lopez has been named as the new General Manager of Points West Living Wainwright. She’s been on the job for two months now as says the part of her work that gives her the greatest joy is working alongside residents and care partners.

Wainwright is home

Carli was born, the second of three children, in Lucky Lake Saskatchewan where her dad ran a pig farm. While she was still young, the family moved to a small acreage in Edgerton Alberta, about 40 kilometres southeast of Wainwright. When she was 13, they made the move into Wainwright, “for sport and work,” says Carli. She grew up playing hockey, baseball, volleyball, and badminton; now, at the watershed age of 30, she plays slow pitch. Other than going away for college, she’s lived in Wainwright ever since.

Carli attended Grant McEwan College and Concordia University in Edmonton. She has a degree in Management with a specialty in Human Resources, and a work background in Human Resources (in the oilfield), as a caregiver at Catholic Social Services and retail management.

Family life

Along the way, she found the time to meet and marry her husband Frank, who is from El Salvador, and have two sons, now aged 3 and 1. They live on an acreage where she has a ‘nice big garden’ that she wants to make bigger. She likes to swim at the C-Plex Pool in the evenings and she makes dreamcatchers as a ‘de-stressor’.

New challenges

Carli was looking for new challenges when she accepted the role at PWL Wainwright, and she’s found that spark in the complexity of the many interests involved in making decisions. And, she’s found that the people part of her work gives her inspiration. “Knowing residents and employee care partners, and where they’re coming from, learning what they like, is the most rewarding part of my job,” Carli says. “That, and seeing how care partners interact with residents, not just giving care, but more like a friend or family relationship. That excites me. I look forward to building relationships with all care partners and making our community an even more fun place to work and live.”

Photo: Carli Lopez is the new General Manager of PWL Wainwright

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