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One decade and counting;
PWL Lloydminster celebrates 10 years

May 30th, 2018

Points West Living Lloydminster first opened its doors in May 2008. So when May 25, 2018, rolled around everyone pitched in to create a memorable 10th-anniversary celebration. Residents and care partners worked together on decorations, they helped each other to look their best for photos, and care partners cooked up some of their most delicious foods to share. 

Beautifully decorated

“The community was decorated beautifully, all done by care partners and residents,” says General Manager Sarah Walker. “Our theme was black, gold, silver, sparkles, and balloons. We also had a memory wall going down our main hallway, with pictures of the past residents, events, and care partners.”

A special residents' luncheon started off the celebration, with a menu chosen by PWL Lloydminster’s resident committee. It included stuffed mushrooms, spring salad, roast beef, stuffed potatoes, roasted veggies, and cheesecake for dessert.


The official program began at 1:30, with congratulations speech from Lloydminster’s deputy mayor Aaron Buckingham. Stephanie Miller and Georg Rath spoke representing Points West Living’s Home Office. Sarah, and resident Norbert Koch, spoke on behalf of residents and care partners of PWL Lloydminster.

Appy feast

“After speeches, we feasted on a special appetizer menu from our kitchen and food that employee care partners had created in advance for the party;” says Sarah, “Sushi, spring rolls, Filipino pancit noodles, skewers, fruit trays, veggie trays, cakes, squares, and more.”

“We also got a liquor license for the day and served a variety of wines and champagnes,” says Sarah. “Marcel Lainey, son of our Wellness Supervisor Michelle, volunteered to be our bartender for the party, as well as set up and clean up.”

"Everyone looked incredible!"

Sarah hired a photographer for the day to come in and take professional portraits of all residents and care partners. To get ready for the camera and the day, care partners did residents’ hair and makeup. “Everyone looked incredible!” says Sarah. The photos, by Moonlight Photography, turned out beautifully as well.

315,532,800 seconds of great friendship, food, comfort, laughter, tears...

Sarah received many notes of congratulations from friends and colleagues across Points West Living, and one of her favourites was sent by Karen Boyer (Manager of Recreation & Community Development). It reads:

Hello and Good Tidings to each member of the Points West Living Lloydminster Community on your day of Celebration! 10 years is 120 months, 520 weeks, 3652 days, 87,648 hours, 52,258,880 minutes, and 315,532,800 seconds… of great friendship, food, comfort, laughter, tears, tenderness, support and celebration of community. Congratulations!

Photo: Employee care partners (plus a couple of friends, including now-retired former GM, Suzanne Power at far right) celebrate PWL Lloydminster’s 10 year anniversary, on May 25, 2018.

More photos at Flickr: One decade and counting; PWL Lloydminster celebrates 10 years

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