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Local artist’s work is chosen for welcome wall
at PWL Wetaskiwin

May 24th, 2018

Points West Living Wetaskiwin is still undergoing final touches before opening in August, but we already know what residents and visitors will see when they enter the building for the first time. General Manager Tamara Thomas has chosen the pencil drawing she will hang in the main entrance – once the construction dust has settled.

"Picture brought tears to my eyes"

“I went into the local art store in Wetaskiwin one day, just to look and see what was in the store,” says Tamara, “and I came across a picture that brought tears to my eyes. It was so touching and appropriate that I thought right away that it should be in the entrance of PWL Wetaskiwin.”

Not forgotten

“It is a pencil drawing of an elderly lady in a wheelchair looking down into the face of a darling child, while the child leans into the woman and looks up into her face. The eyes of the child looking into the face of the elderly woman spoke volumes to me, and gives the drawing its name: Not Forgotten.”

Tamara knew right away she wanted the drawing but in a much larger size. So, after clearing the decision through the PWL home office, she was able to contact and meet the artist Joan Fitzner. Joan is a Saskatchewan born artist who also works as an educational assistant at Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. She is represented by Dalcon Visual Arts in Wetaskiwin.

A bigger picture

Tamara arranged to have the print enlarged to several times the original shown with Joan in the photo above. A 36" x 48" print of Not Forgotten will be displayed in the entrance of PWL Wetaskiwin when it opens in August. 

Photo: Wetaskiwin artist Joan Fitzner with the original of her pencil sketch, ‘Not Forgotten’. An enlarged version of that sketch will hang in the reception area of the new PWL Wetaskiwin when it opens in August.

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