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New e-health technology is embraced
at PWL Lloydminster

June 12th, 2018

Points West Living Lloyminster has taken the plunge into e-health record keeping. They’ve replaced clipboards with iPads, and in making the transition, they are leading the way for other Points West Living communities to streamline record-keeping and enhance care partner communication. 

Way too much paper

“This has been a goal for a long time,” says General Manager Sarah Walker. “There’s way too much paper and not enough places to store it. The YARDI-EHR system helps us enhance our charting, and provide more immediate and precise communication among care partners. And that means better service to residents.”

A fundamental change in record keeping

Introducing such a fundamental change in the way each nursing care partner keeps records took a lot of preparation. First, seven ‘super-users’ were identified and attended three 4-hour training sessions. From April 23-25, the rest of PWL Lloydminster’s employee care partners took training on how to use the program. YARDI reps, as well as PWL Home Office mentors, were on hand to give support.

Then on April 26, they ‘went live’ with the new system. “In the beginning, it was actually more time consuming,” says Sarah “While computers and technology are a little scary for some, they are getting used to it, and as we all become more comfortable, in the end, it will all become quicker. Our employee care partners are excited about it. As care partners, we are always striving for better communication and documentation."

No need to search through binders

In the old paper-based system, forms and documents were continually being updated by Alberta Health Services to meet current standards. “Now with e-charting,” explains Sarah, “all of the forms are in one place and all are kept up to date by our Home Office. You’ll always know where to find a form; whether it’s a temperature sheet, vital statistics records, wound records, or any number of other items. There’s no need to search through binders to find the right form, and there’s no need to photocopy.”

All care partners on the same page

One of the biggest benefits is that “All care partners are on the same page,” adds Sarah. “A nurse can pull up a resident’s care plan, view progress notes and follow through. If a resident’s doctor asks for an update, we can just send over the relevant files.”

“So much can be missed with written and verbal exchanges. This system allows us to send messages to one another instantly. If a care partner is in a resident’s room and has a concern, they can send a message to the LPN who will be able to attend to the resident quickly.”

Charting everyday care

For everyday care, “care partners can sign for care right away,” says Sarah. “If they’ve helped get the resident up, helped with hair and dressing, as per the resident’s care plan, they can tick that off right away. We also have all of the resident’s contact information, photo, birth date, and specialist appointments, on the system, and soon we will be adding their life stories as well.”

No games - not much fun

“Everybody is excited about this,” says Sarah. “Residents are excited to be involved in something new and enjoy the new technology. They get a kick out of posing for and checking out the photo we take and pin to their digital care plan.” 

That’s about it for the iPad fun though. Sarah says only care partners have access to the tablets, and “there are no games – nothing fun on them.”


The information collected in YARDIS-EHR program is internal to Points West Living/Connecting Care, and is subject to our Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy policy. It is not part of Alberta Netcare, the provincial electronic health records (EHR) system.

Photo: PWL GM, Sarah Walker (left), holding her iPad tablet, visits with resident Faye Hdlachuk 

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