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Walking for people we’ve loved, for memories,
and for the future

June 25th, 2018

On June 19th, five residents of Points West Living Lloydminster took part in the third annual Lloydminster Alzheimer’s Walk on the indoor track at the Severus Sport Centre. The PWL Lloydminster contingent led other participants on the first walk around the track. 

Why do you walk?

The first lap of the annual Alzheimer’s Walk is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to Alzheimer’s and dementia-related illness. This year that lap began after PWL Lloydminister’s General Manager, Sarah Walker shared with those gathered ‘why she walks’.

Life doesn't stop there

“I was able to share with the greater community at the walk a bit about our values here at PWL Lloydminster,” says Sarah, “My team at PWL and I are very passionate about providing genuine human care and love to our residents living with these diseases. Just because you move into a memory care cottage in our community, life doesn’t stop there. You can still have fun, still learn, still give back to others, and still have purpose.”

“I have worked with people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related illness for 10 years,” Sara shared, “Along with my team care partners, I have been touched by so many amazing people who are living with and have lost their battles with Alzheimer’s and Dementia related illness. The residents who are walking with us today are the reason I walk.”

'That's why this is important'

One of those residents is Pat Brassington (centre, above). “During the walk, Pat held my hand and started tearing up. She said, ‘You know, when they told me I had it, none of that medicine worked for me, I tried everything. That’s why this is important tonight.’”

“It was a great night, and we were happy as a community to once again participate in this great cause,” adds Sarah. The Lloydminster walkers contributed $440 to the Alzheimer’s Society, through fundraising which included two bingos, a lemonade & ice cream stand, and pledges.

Photo: PWL Lloydminster resident Patricia Brassington is flanked by Taylor Dzuba HCA, and resident Alex St. Jean, as they walk for memories at the third annual Lloydminster Alzheimer’s Walk. Other PWL Lloydminster participants included residents Norbert Koch, Beth Kent, Iva Haan, and Angel Mackinnon (volunteer).

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