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Museum visit reveals personal ‘artifacts’ for
PWL Wainwright residents

July 24th, 2018

You know you have reached ‘a certain age’ when items you personally wore, made, or worked with are on display at your local museum. That’s what a handful of Points West Living Wainwright residents experienced when they went on a day outing to the 'Teacups to Tractors' museum in nearby Edgerton.

Unpacking stories

Edgerton used to be home turf for a few of the residents, and they were proud to share their contributions to the area’s history, now on display in the museum. They recalled stories of dances and other community functions held at the former Methodist Church, now one of the 6 buildings that make up the museum.

A wealth of horse knowledge

Wilf Boomhower is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to horses,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “He has donated a number of pieces to the museum, among them are a set of four steel horse eveners and a water pump.” Wilf is pictured here in the museum’s horse tack display.

An automobile 'early adopter' 

Don Guy was pleased to see the 1928 Model A Ford at the museum. “Don was proud to tell me how he, with the help of his Grandpa bought a 1929 black Model B Ford,” says Shauna. “He thinks it cost about $300.” In the photo above, Don is standing with Anna Kobitzsch.

A pink dress, made for dancing

Lavina Redmond made the pink dress that’s on display at the museum. She remembers wearing it on a community parade float in 1967 in celebration of Canada’s centenary (and Edgerton’s 50th anniversary). Lavina recalls that her mother had recently returned from England, and taught her some special waltzes she had learned there. “Lavina remembers dancing the Aurora Waltz during the parade,” says Shauna Lee. “She even remembers who she danced with! (Henry Arneson)”

Gorgeous ‘photo op’

“On the way home from the museum, we stopped alongside a canola crop just for a photo opportunity,” says Shauna Lee. The people in that photo from left to right are (from left) Dot Pomeroy, Betty Peterson, Wilf Boomhower, Rita Donaghy, and Emily Bean.

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