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Walking club takes in the beauty
of the Peace River Valley

September 10th, 2018

Residents and care partners at Points West Living Peace River have enjoyed getting out for walks along the beautiful Peace River this summer. They walk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, weather permitting, and on one outing, they enjoyed a sweet treat along the way.

A sweet treat along the way

“As luck would have it,” says recreation coordinator Bernadette Harris, “A&W was serving root beer free with a coupon on one of our walking days. I had managed to collect eight coupons, and there were eleven of us walking, so I purchased three more and brought them along to one of our favourite spots with a wonderful view of the river valley. We cheered and toasted the nice warm day, and took a few pictures before heading home.”

A bit of coordination

When the walking club first started up, it took a bit of coordination to get going once everyone had gathered. “It was making sure everyone had a hat, sunglasses, were warm enough, had sun screen, bug spray, and so on,” Bernadette says. “Over time, everyone was aware what they would require, so it became a much smoother process and was enjoyed immensely by everyone.”

Clearing smoke

Unfortunately in August, smoke from forest fires in British Columbia put a temporary halt to outdoor activities. But with clearer skies in September, the walking club is back out again, enjoying all of the beautiful fall colours along the river valley.

More photos at Flickr: Walking club takes in the beauty of the Peace River Valley

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