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Car racing enthusiasts gather at the track
at PWL Stettler

September 11th, 2018

At least once a week, a group of ardent racing fans at Points West Living Stettler gather for an afternoon at the track. There’s no smell of burning rubber, and no sound of rumbling motors, but there is a real excitement in the air. It’s time to jockey for position around the racetrack table, and pick up the die.

Everyong has a front row seat

The car-racing game has become so popular that resident Barry Thompson decided to make a game board that would stretch the full length of the table, and give everyone a front row seat for the action. He made it out of white linoleum, and marked out the grid where the cars make their way to the finish line.

“I try and bring out the game at least once a week,” says recreation coordinator Jenn Dixon. “We have some regular players that just love to play. They have me save them a place at the table.”

Six lucky cars

The game board has room for just six cars at a time, and each resident picks a number from 1-6 and, along with others who have chosen the same number, follows that lucky car. For their turn, each player tosses a large die to determine the number of blocks they can move their car. Once it gets close to the finish line, things get tricky, as an exact roll of the die is needed to win the race. Jenn always brings a bucket of prizes to the game, so everyone leaves a winner.

“The best part is everyone working together to keep the dice on the table,” says Jenn. “It keeps everyone awake!” 

Photo: The car racing fans of PWL Stettler: (from left) Vi Clark, Ted Carter, Phyllis Fisher, Marion McCarty, Gordon Jacobson, Fran Chatrin, Dorothy and Bill Dawson, Ken Shepherd and Butch Blackmore.

More photos at Flickr: Car racing enthusiasts gather at the track at PWL Stettler

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