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'Togetherness Party' gathers residents
and care partners from every cottage

September 10th, 2018

In Points West Living communities, the ‘cottage’ is most residents’ home base. The cluster of suites centred around a cottage kitchen is a place where a group of residents and regular employee care partners can develop a real sense of family. That makes it all the more special when the full community gathers, such as at the recent 'Togetherness Party' at Points West Living Slave Lake.

Togetherness Party for everybody to eat together

“Normally residents and care partners have their lunch at their cottage,” explains LPN-Educator Shanika McQueen (pink shirt in photo above). “They know people from other cottages but seldom see them. The 'Togetherness Party' was for everybody to eat together; all staff, everyone.”

Much laughter and visiting

The theme of togetherness really struck a chord and there was much laughter and visiting among residents and employee care partners. Stories were shared and residents enjoyed posing for photos of future memories. 

Last BBQ of the year

As the last barbeque of the year, the menu was a hit as well. Chefs Roland and Kenneth prepared barbequed hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, fresh fruit, drinks, and desserts.

Photo: There were lots of smiles, stories, and visits at the PWL Slave Lake 'Togetherness Party' on April 23.

More photos at Flickr: Togetherness Party gathers residents and care partners from every cottage

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