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Impressive Food Service duo work together
like ‘mac & cheese’

October 19th, 2018

The general manager of Points West Living Wetaskiwin is busy with the many details of opening a brand new residence. But Tamara Thomas is so excited by the food service team, she’s taken time to share a bit about them and the excellence they bring to their craft.

Consistently fabulous

The food services teams in Points West Living communities are headed up by a Food Services Supervisor. At PWL Wetaskiwin, Santosh Sananse (left in above photo) fills that role, bringing with him fifteen years of cooking and resort experience along with his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

“Santosh is used to managing on a large scale; from managing income and budget responsibilities, to preparing banquets for up to 2000 people, all the while accommodating different diets and allergies,” says Tamara. “He has the expertise to bring our food to a superior level. With his knowledge, care, skill, and attention to detail, our meals are consistently fabulous.”

“Not only does he attend to the food with professionalism and care,” adds Tamara, “but he also has strong leadership skills in running the kitchen and hospitality area of our community. I cannot say how happy I am to have Santosh as part of our care partner team.”

Outstanding cooking and food presentation

Joining Santosh in the PWL Wetaskiwin kitchen as cook, is Ramon Thompson. “Ramon also has an outstanding way of cooking and presenting food,” says Tamara. “He brings 26 years of cooking experience to the position, and along with the superior quality of his work, he has a very positive attitude and sense of humor.”

Going into the kitchen becomes an event

Tamara says Ramon and Santosh complement each other. “When these two men work together, they keep up such a positive energy around them, going into the kitchen becomes an event. It’s very entertaining!”

Residents eating well

It’s no surprise that residents are very happy with the food and how delicious and visually appealing it is. “During meal times, we get a lot of compliments about the food,” Tamara adds. “I know I can leave it up to Santosh and Ramon and the job will be better than ‘well done’.”

Photo: (Left) Santosh Sananse is the Food Services Supervisor, and Ramon Thompson (right) is cook at the newly opened PWL Wetaskiwin.

More photos at Flickr: Impressive Food Service duo work together like mac & cheese

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