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The go-to person for financial services and…

October 24th, 2018

Every month, Kelly Caughlin comes to Points West Living Stettler to offer banking services to PWL residents. As a Financial Advisor with Scotia Bank she is well qualified and appreciated for her role, but she recently stepped up in a surprising way. She brought in a band.

Kelly thought it would be great to bring in the band

Kelly has family members who live in Hanna, about 125 kilometres southeast of Stettler. “Her in-laws play in a band there,” says recreation coordinator Jenn Dixon, “and Kelly thought it would be great to bring the band to PWL Stettler to play for our residents.”

You are My Sunshine

And so they did. On October 16, the three-member band, plus four additional players (and their musical talents on guitar, banjo, organ, piano, accordion, and drums) played an hour of old time dance music for a full house of residents and care partners. The band played songs like ‘Your Cheating Heart’ and ‘From a Jack to a King’, and the whole gathering of 55 residents sang along with ‘You are My Sunshine’.

Grins from ear to ear

“The ability to ‘give back to others’ was a huge factor for all of them in coming and participating in this function,” says Jenn. “Both the band and our residents left with grins from ear to ear. Several residents came to me afterwards and commented, ‘I really do hope they come again’, and They were fantastic’, and ‘Their sound was different than other bands that we have had play for us’.”


Kelly’s employer, Scotia Bank, covered the band’s expenses for the event. In addition, the company presented PWL Stettler with a 19-punch Handibus pass. “Many of our residents are not able to leave the facility on their own and need the benefit of the Handibus to take excursions,” says Jenn, “and while it is inexpensive to use, cost is still a factor. We’ve already shared the pass with several of our residents for outings.”

As well as Kelly from Scotia Bank, ABT Financial also visits PWL Stettler once a month. The financial advisors work with any residents who need financial services, including cashing cheques for residents who need to do so.

Photo: Kelly Caughlin, with the help of her employer Scotia Bank, brought in a band to entertain residents at PWL Stettler on October

More photos at Flickr: The go-to person for financial services and… music?

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