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Surprise visit by dental clinic brings out
some beautiful smiles

November 2nd, 2018

Residents and care partners at Points West Living Slave Lake were treated to a surprise visit recently from Slave Lake Dental. There were no picks, polish or drills, just some very pleasant ladies who took their break time from the clinic to give back to their community.

Flowers, cookies and coffee

The dental clinic’s hygiene and reception staff members arrived while residents were playing bingo in the main dining area, and surprised them with fresh flowers and cookies. After handing out carnations and roses there, they went on to give flowers to residents who were still in their suites.

They presented PWL Slave Lake employee care partners with fresh Tim Horton’s coffee.

Surprised and very pleased

“The residents were taken by surprise and very pleased with the gesture, as were care partners,” says General Manager Marilyn Badduik. “It is part of their give-back program for the support they have received from local residents who have supported the dental clinic over the years. Apparently they visit local seniors periodically through the year. How great is that?!”

Photo: Frances Bignell, 98, was delighted to receive a bouquet of flowers – including two carnations and a rose from Slave Lake Dental’s hygienists and reception staff who dropped by recently for a surprise visit.

More photos at Flickr: Surprise visit by dental clinic brings out some beautiful smiles

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