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Time-change Monday is the perfect day
to stay in one’s pyjamas

November 6th, 2018

Even though we get an extra hour of sleep when our clocks ‘fall back’ with the return of daylight standard time, the time change can be a little unsettling. That’s why employee care partners at Points West Living Wainwright decided to declare Monday November 5 ‘Pyjama Day’.

Something fun and comfy

“Time change always seems to be a stressful time on our bodies,” says Interim GM Allyn Andrews. “Whether we are ‘Falling Back’ or ‘Springing Ahead’ our circadian rhythms (body clocks) feel its effects. We thought that a Pyjama Day would be something fun and comfy for the Monday after the time change.”

Changing back into pyjamas

“On Monday morning, most of our employee care partners arrived in their PJs,” says Allyn, “and as residents noticed, more and more of them returned to their suites to change back into their pyjamas so they could enjoy the comfort with us. Everyone had fun complimenting each others’ pyjamas, and lots of love was shared throughout the day.”

What a great idea! I wonder what they’ll do in the spring when daylight savings time comes around again.

Photo: Employee care partners Jonaliza Guda, Allyn Andrews, Connie Taylor, Paulette Whiteside, Shauna Lee Carlson, and Maricel Iglipa, pose with residents Betty Peterson, and Marie Valois in their fun and comfy PJs at PWL Wainwright

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