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Four days of borscht and perogi prep makes
enough to share and to benefit the food bank

November 2nd, 2018

Residents at Points West Living Heritage House in Vegreville, along with family, friends, and employee care partners prepared a huge batch of perogies (1440 dumplings) and a huge caldron of borscht (45 litres) to share with their community. They even sold off ‘Ukrainian plates’ of the perogies as a fundraiser for the Vegreville Food Bank.

That's a lot of chopping, filling, and pinching

The volunteer food prep team met along with care partner Cheryl Clark, and two members of the Resident Council, who had worked out the logistics and purchased the ingredients. For the borscht, that included 20 pounds (9-kg) of beets, 3 pounds of carrots, 3 pounds of potatoes, 4 onions, and garlic. For the perogies, the ingredients included flour, salt, oil and water for the dough, and potato, cheddar cheese, onion, and cottage cheese for three different filling combinations.

Very good turnout of helpers

“We had a very good turnout of helpers,” says Roxane Bordynuik, office administrator. “Everyone was telling tales about how they used to make the Ukrainian food with either their moms or with their children.”

“Lots of laughter could be heard around the building,” Roxane adds, “There were even a few tears shed – when they were cutting the onions!” 

Free comedy show

The deadline for completion was October 12. That’s when PWL Heritage House invited the public to come and enjoy a free comedy show featuring a Red Skelton tribute artist. A supper of borscht and perogies was also on offer. Diners were asked to bring a packaged food to donate to the Vegreville Food Bank, or to purchase a Ukranian plate made up by the team.

$150 and several packaged food donations were collected for the food bank. And there are still several dozen perogies tucked away in the freezer for when residents want their own Ukrainian plates again. 

Photo: (Clockwise from lower left) Irene Fried (resident), Joanne Fried (Resident Council President), Grace Barrett (resident), Helen Zubreski (resident), Cheryl Clark (care partner), Gerri Tuck (Resident Council), Adeline Palsitt (resident) Wilma Golinowski (resident), Heather Pazuik (daughter of resident), and Anna Kozniuk (resident)

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