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Residents enjoy the hands-on gallery
at PWL Lloydminster’s new ‘sensory wall’

November 7th, 2018

We live our lives in a rich ever-changing multisensory environment. Sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste place us in our world and stimulate us to engage with our surroundings and community. A new 'sensory wall' in a memory care cottage at Points West Living Lloydminster is bringing back that stimulation.

Enhance experience of touch and sight

Kirsten Miller came up with the idea of creating the sensory wall for the residents in the memory care cottage where she serves as a Health Care Aide. She organized the project on her own, and spent about a month-and-a-half gathering the materials, designing, and creating all 19 pieces. Her goal was to enhance residents’ experience of touch and sight.

“Kirstin tried to incorporate different tactile and visual elements our residents might not have access to anymore,” says Recreation Therapist Karly MacDonald, “such as seashells they might have handled at the beach when they were younger.”

Textures and colours

“There are soft, rough, and smooth textures. And there are many visual objects, with colours, depth, sparkle and shine,” Karly adds. “Residents look and touch and have conversations about the wall. A lot of the ladies like the flower frames.”

Conversation and concentration

"Care partners have noticed that visiting the gallery has spiked conversation amongst our residents in the memory care cottage, increasing socialization," says Karly. "We also have noticed the wall has promoted concentration amongst the residents allowing them to stand and visually concentrate on what is on the wall."

For more on the benefits of recreating a multisensory environment, Karly recommends this link.

Photo: Resident Shirley Ann Laxdal, enjoys the cool metallic texture of one of the pieces on the ‘sensory wall’ at PWL Lloydminster.

More photos at Flickr: Residents enjoy the hands-on gallery at PWL Lloydminster’s new ‘sensory wall’

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