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Moving day goes smoothly thanks to
generous community business

December 3rd, 2018

A reconfiguration of Designated Supportive Living suites at the newly opened Points West Living Wetaskiwin could have been disruptive for six residents who had just recently settled in to their ‘cottage’. Instead, thanks to the generosity of No Bull Moving and Storage, it was a switch that was kept fun, and done in a day.

Moving one floor up

“We needed to move everyone at one time,” says General Manager, Tamara Thomas. “Residents from one cottage were moving to an empty cottage one floor up, and we had to keep it organized and have the care partners ready to move with them.”

“We knew this would be a big endeavor and that it would impact the residents and families,” Tamara says, “So we decided to ask for a quote from a moving company to see if they would be able to send in some movers to move the residents for us.”

Tamara had used the construction and renovation services of No Bull in the past and felt confident in their work, so she approached owner Clint Wellington (centre in photo above), to ask him to give her a quote on the cost of moving the residents’ furniture and belongings.

A gift to our residents and community

“After some discussion with Clint, he told me he would just do it as a gift to our residents and our community at Points West Living Wetaskiwin.” Tamara says. “At first I thought I didn’t hear correctly!”

And so, on November 6, Clint arrived with two employees, and the three worked for 11 hours with only short breaks to eat lunch and supper provided by the PWL Wetaskiwin chef. “They worked very hard as there was a lot of stuff to move from 2nd floor to 3rd floor,” adds Tamara. “Everything had to be taken up the stairwells or down the hall to the elevators and then back into the new cottage.”

It went very smoothly and calmly

“It went very smoothly and calmly,” says Tamara. "Residents were very cooperative and pleasant with the move. While their rooms were being dismantled, our hospitality aides, LPNs, and Health Care Aides ensured that residents were kept busy and taken care.”

Can’t you just pick up the chair with me in it?

“One resident, Sam Steinke (front left in photo above) likes to spend a lot of his time in his big armchair laughed and when the movers came to his room, he joked, ‘Can’t you just pick up the chair with me in it and move me to my new room?’”

Once the last resident’s belongings were moved, all of the residents and the care partner team went together and moved into the new cottage.

“This move was a huge gift to us. The physical work and the spirit in which it was done helped the move go so well,” says Tamara. “We want to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Red Bull Moving and Storage for their generosity.”

Photo: Residents gather in the common room their new ‘cottage’ at PWL Wetaskiwin to thank No Bull Moving and Storage for their generosity in gifting their move. From left, residents Sam Steinke and Louise Sjolie, Care partner Godwin Iwanegbe, resident James Collinge, No Bull owner Clint Wellington, and residents Ida Forth, Lyle Harke, and Reg Feldburg.

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