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Annual Conference ‘Goes Beyond’
to re-energize participants

December 3rd, 2018

General managers and service leaders from throughout Points West Living and Connecting Care communities gathered in Edmonton November 14-16 for their annual conference. The focus of the gathering was on Eden; learning, experiencing, and inspiring.

The theme was 'Go Beyond'

Eden Mentor, Sarah Walker (General Manager of PWL Lloydminster), shared her thoughts on the event with Points West Living News.

“This year’s conference theme was 'Go Beyond', and the overall feedback I received from my colleagues at PWL and CC communities was that in fact went beyond previous conferences,” says Sarah. “Every day we had different topics and sessions and also breakout sessions where the group split up to rotate through different workshops. There were so many topics that I think everyone was able to walk away with increased knowledge and enlightenment.”

Millennials and Marijuana (and not necessarily together)

Two of the session highlights for Sarah were ‘Understanding Millennials; how we can better support and manage the generation born from 1980 - 2000’; and ‘Legal Cannabis; how it will affect employees and employers’. “Also, the guest speaker, Rosita Hall, was amazing,” says Sarah. “She spoke to us on the Friday about positivity, being your true self, and work-life balance.”

One of the most engaging aspects of any conference is the colleagues you meet and those with whom you reconnect. Participants got to do that throughout the conference and in a very special way over a delicious dinner with a DJ/Entertainer leading the laughs, singing and dancing.

Pleasant surprises at talent contest

At the dinner, there was a homegrown talent contest with lots of pleasant surprises. “The talent event was the highlight of the week!” says Sarah. “The talent of this group is amazing. Winners of the night were: First Place, Tamara Thomas (GM PWL Wetaskiwin) for her beautiful classical piano piece; Second Place, Ashton Leverick (Wellness Manager) for his original spoken word piece; and Third Place, David Haastrup GM of Peace River for blessing us with his beautiful soulful voice.”

Photo: Eden Mentor, Sarah Walker (General Manager of PWL Lloydminster), leads a session at the Points West Living/Connecting Care Annual Conference in Edmonton in November.

More photos at Flickr: Annual Conference ‘Goes Beyond’ to re-energize participants

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