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Picture-perfect awards party
for long-term employee care partners

December 18th, 2018

Each employee care partner who has served at Points West Living Lloydminster for five years or more was celebrated recently by colleagues and residents. In all, twelve employee care partners were honoured, and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

"What keeps you at a job?"

The event began with a brief speech by General Manager Sarah Walker and a question that got everyone’s attention. Residents were asked, “What is it that keeps you at a job?” The answers she received included, challenge, good relationships, a good boss, being appreciated, good coworkers, being passionate about it, and good compensation.

Sarah tied those responses back to the Eden philosophy. “I talked about the importance of loving companionship with our residents and fellow care partners, and the importance of always growing and learning from each.”

Personal reflection

She shared a personal reflection about and with each the 12 employee care partners, and presented them with a bouquet of flowers, a gift, a card, and a five-year pin. After the presentations, care partners and residents celebrated together with cake and coffee.

Portrait-quality photographs

In a fine addition to the event, photographer Suneesh George of Flying Photos donated his time and expertise to take portrait-quality photographs of each award recipient.

Photo: (from left) Michele Lainey (Wellness Manager), HCA care partner Clara Piguerra, and GM Sarah Walker at the November 30 Long Term Service Awards at PWL Lloydminster.

More photos (used with permission) at Flickr: Picture-perfect awards party for long-term employee care partners

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