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Care Partner Snapshot: 15 years
at Athens Creek

January 22nd, 2019

Ellie (Elizabeth) Betrand is the current recreation coordinator at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton. She began her service there on January 19, 2004 working evening security and a mix of housekeeping and first aid.

Fifteen years later...

Just one day shy of 15 years later, the community honoured her by presenting her with a 15-year Yearbook with photos and stories of her long term service.

HCA grad

When she began, Ellie had just completed her Health Care Aide diploma and was looking to supplement part-time jobs she had at the time. “I had decided to become a Health Care Aide because I was close with my grandfather,” Ellie says. “I loved the idea of making a positive difference in elders’ lives. At Athens I found I was able to do that."

The feel of family has remained

"Over the past fifteen years, I have worked in most of the areas here at Athens. And while the residents, staff, and ownership may have changed, the feel of family here has remained," she says, adding, "I look forward to continuing to work and making a positive impact in the community within Athens Creek.”

Photo: As residents look on from the dining room of PWL Athens Creek in Penticton, Ellie Betrand (left) receives her 15-year OC Tanner Yearbook from General Manager Donna McBeth.

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