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Rediscovered game set generates Bingo buzz
at PWL Stettler

February 25th, 2019

One day while cleaning out the recreation storage room at Points West Living Stettler, the recreation team came upon a stash of Bingo game equipment, and decided that called for some quick action. It took a last minute change to the February Activity Calendar, and soon it was ‘Game On’. 

Full-fledged bingo game called

Armed with the 'new to the crew' master-ball-board, bingo balls, and spinner, plus some fun Valentines prizes, a community-wide full-fledged bingo game was called.

Traditional bingo reawakens

“Traditional bingo has laid dormant for some time at PWL Stettler,” says Lisa Smith (Recreation Therapist), “with Card Bingo (see description below) taking precedence as it can be set up anywhere and has been very popular with residents here.”

Residents were delighted with this chance to revisit the old game. Resident Darcy Couttie (photo above) took on the responsibility for calling numbers, while Lisa and Elaine Partsch (HCA, Recreation Aide) assisted residents to ensure correct numbers were marked off.

Applause for each Bingo!

“With each Bingo! shouted, the group applauded and joined in celebrating the fun,” says Lisa. “When asked if they enjoyed the activity, residents Vi Clark and Fran Chatrin exclaimed, ‘Yes! We should have it every week!’”

What is Card Bingo? Lisa explains:

“Card Bingo is played with two regular decks of playing cards,” Lisa explains. “We play around a table, usually 13 people maximum, and deal out all of the cards from one deck, and the players place their cards face up on the table. The caller has a second deck of cards and turns them up one by one, calling out the number and suit. The person who has the matching card puts it in the middle of the table.

“When someone gets rid of all their cards they call out ‘Bingo!’ and wins that round. This is a great version that can be played on each cottage, does not require much set up, and it is easy to help those who may not see their card right away. Residents really enjoy it.”

Photo: Resident Darcy Couttie called the numbers for the inaugural game using the rediscovered traditional Bingo set at PWL Stettler.

More photos at Flickr: Rediscovered game set generates Bingo buzz at PWL Stettler

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