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Long-awaited hair stylist welcomed
to PWL Slave Lake community salon

March 13th, 2019

Residents at Points West Living Slave Lake are looking sharp again with the recent arrival of a new hair stylist. They’ve been making do for the past several months, but are happy they can now keep their hair fresh and trim right in their own community.

37 haircuts and still clipping

Julie Sinclair took over the PWL Slave Lake salon in February when her part-time work at Magic Scissors in town ended with the salon’s closure. Julie now comes by PWL Slave Lake every two weeks to cut and style residents’ hair. So far Julie has clipped her way through 37 haircuts for men and women, and will soon introduce shampoo with massage to her styling services.

Kind and generous hair care

“Julie decided she would donate her time to Points West when needed,” says General Manager Marilyn Baduik. “As part of her giving back to the community she charges the minimal amount necessary to cover her cost only.”

Even with the minimal cost of the service, Marilyn is glad for the Christmas Haircut Fund, which ensures there is no financial barrier for any resident wanting a good haircut. "The Christmas haircut fund comes from the 2018 Christmas ‘wish list’ campaign run by Slave Lake Santas for Seniors. The money donated for this fund comes from individuals in the Slave Lake community."

Six-month wait

In the six months since the previous stylist’s departure, residents have had to count on family members to take them to hair appointments in town, or to go next door to the salon at Vanderwell Heritage Place. As grateful as everyone was for those stopgap measures, residents are very happy they don’t need to go away from their home to keep their hair trim.

Photo: Julie Sinclair sets resident Jean Thompson’s hair at the salon at PWL Slave Lake. Jean wants to get her hair done every other week.

More photos at Flickr: PWL Slave Lake welcomes long-awaited hair stylist to community salon

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