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Movie buff brings the theatre experience home
to residents of PWL Athens Creek

March 13th, 2019

Last summer, as Terry Chase put together his own backyard movie theatre at his home in Penticton BC, he began to think about giving residents of Points West Living Athens Creek a Movie Night. Terry serves there as a cook, and for the last several months, he’s made it happen.

Fresh popcorn

On the first Friday of every month, Terry comes to Athens Creek on his own time, ferrying in his backyard movie equipment. He sets out chairs and sets up his homemade movie screen, projector, and speakers. He pops fresh popcorn and prepares beverages, and at 7:15, he’s ready to start the show.

Movies for everyone

Once the residents are settled, Terry provides a short overview of the movie. “I like to make everyone in attendance aware of the contents before the movie starts,” he says. “Every movie is not for everyone, but I try to select movies suited for all.” Resident Gail Kemp helps Terry with the selection process, surveying fellow residents for their movie preferences.

Terry has a personal collection of 1000 movies, and so far has shown ‘Oz, the Great and Powerful’, ‘Grumpy Old Men’, ‘A Christmas Story’, ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘The Poseidon Adventure’, ‘The Bucket List’, and ‘Antz’.

Theatre experience

Terry has always loved movies, and to create his backyard theatre he built his own 120-inch screen. It’s made of pressboard painted with special highly reflective paint. Asked why he doesn’t just stream the movies on the community’s large screen TV, Terry scoffs. “Anybody can watch a movie on their TV at home. This gives a theatre experience!”

Terry says residents have responded positively to his Movie Nights. “They enjoy the chance to see a movie they haven’t seen before, or haven't seen in a long time,” he says, “and they enjoy the change in their usual routine.”

Photo: Terry Chase, a food services care partner at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton volunteers his time, equipment and passion one Friday evening a month to bring Movie Night to residents. Resident Gail Kemp helps Terry choose movies everyone can enjoy.

More photos at Flickr: Movie buff brings the theatre experience home to residents of PWL Athens Creek

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