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Men’s group checks on calving in the
farmland east of Wainwright

May 11th, 2019

A men’s group has started up at Points West Living Wainwright. A growing group of residents meets on the third Tuesday morning of each month to go and do… guy stuff. During their most recent outing, they toured the farmland around Wainwright to get caught up on the calving season at a nearby family farm. 

Road trip!

Along with recreation coordinator Jenna Doll, the six gentlemen rode the Wainwright Handivan bus east of town, almost to town of Edgerton, to the Christensen family farm, where calving had just begun.

Four generations of Christensens

Owner Chris Christensen is the son of PWL resident Jim Christensen, and nephew of Jim’s brother Hans Christensen (resident of Battle River Lodge). Chris is the third Christensen generation to farm the land, making his daughter Michelle – who along with her husband Mac helps to run the operation – the fourth generation to work that land. The first Mr. Christensen (Jim’s father) settled in Edgerton in the late 1930s, having moved from South Carolina via New York where he worked as a cattle buyer.

Cows and calves

“We were able to tour around the family property seeing the old buildings, and the oldest farm house in the area,” says Jenna. And of course they saw lots of cows and some calves. “The Christensen farm is nine-thousand acres of grassland, grain fields, and sand dunes, and home to 400 head of cattle.”

Men 'do coffee' differently

The day trip was suggested by one of the men in the group and was a great success. Their inaugural group outing in March was to the Royal Canadian Legion. “That’s where I learned men ‘do coffee’ a lot differently than women,” Jenna says. “They sat down, drank their cup of coffee, spoke a few words, finished up, and were ready to get back on the bus within 30 minutes!”

Photo: The first calf of the season, as seen on the April 16 outing to Edgerton by the new men’s group at PWL Wainwright.

More Photos at Flickr: Men’s group checks on calving in the farmland east of Wainwright 

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