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Grads share the magic of the dress

June 26th, 2019

Ten graduates from Stettler High School jumped at the chance to do a pre-graduation fashion show for residents of Points West Living Stettler. It was an opportunity for them to get comfortable in their grad dresses (and shoes) before the big event, and residents were delighted to be part of the preview showing.

A resounding Yes!

“I have a daughter graduating from William E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus this year,” says Lisa Smith, Recreation Therapist. “When I asked her a month ago if some of her friends might be interested in showing off their dresses here, she answered with a resounding ‘Yes’!”

A twirl to show off the dress

“The girls arrived the evening of June 21, just as supper was being served on the various cottages,” says Lisa. “They got organized, chose some music they wanted to play, and got ready for the catwalk.” A very long catwalk as it turns out, including the long hallways throughout the entire building. They started in the dining area and one at a time, entered, and pausing in front of the diners, gave a twirl to show off the dress, and strode on past.

Claps and cheers

“Residents faces lit up with smiles as the girls entered and proudly showed off their gowns,” says Lisa. “They clapped and cheered as girls made their way through the cottages, and the graduates beamed with pride.”

Photo: PWL Stettler residents Russ and Cecilia Johnston’s granddaughter Beka was one of the grads who took part in the grad fashion show.

More photos at Flickr: Grads share the magic of the dress

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