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Laundry on the line a renewed outdoor pleasure

July 9th, 2019

No indoor option can replicate the fresh fragrance and feel of laundry that’s been hung to dry outside in the sun and wind. That simple pleasure is once again available to residents of Points West Living Cold Lake now that they have their own clothesline.

The PWL Cold Lake Resident Council recently purchased and installed the new clothesline, mostly for the use of Independent Living residents, but available to everyone. It has a special ‘elevator’ function to raise and lower the main pulley, and that means residents avoid the risk of falls since they don’t have to climb a platform to hang out their laundry.

Resident Jackie Hunter (left, in photo above) says she is delighted with the new clothesline, and pleased to be able to lower the line down to hang her laundry out – and to take it down smelling outdoors fresh. She adds, “It is so good to bring back the memories of having frozen laundry on the line and enjoying being outside.”

Photo: Resident Jackie Hunter hangs out some laundry on the new PWL Cold Lake clothesline, with a hand from Health Care Aide John Gordon.

More photos at Flickr: Laundry on the clothesline a renewed pleasure for residents of PWL Cold Lake

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