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‘Steve’ is the star attraction of newly
refurbished aquarium

July 23rd, 2019

The fish tank at Points West Living Lloydminster has had a vibrant makeover, and the colourful new underwater world has some splashy new inhabitants. The most popular is Steve, the elusive water frog.

From dark and unwelcoming to bright and lively

“Prior to the makeover, the fish tank was dark and unwelcoming,” says Interim General Manager Allyn Andrews. It was tough on the survival rate of the gold fish as well, and when the last one perished, it was time to take action.

“Two care partners, Rose Baranek and Jackie Orbeck took on the task of giving it its new look and picked up and installed all the supplies needed,” says Allyn. “Now, it’s the first thing you notice when you walk in our front doors.”

Steve, the water frog

“We got new fish – Mollies and Tetra and an algae eater – and most excitingly, we got a new water frog named Steve,” says Allyn. “Steve is a huge hit with the residents and families who visit, especially kids. We have been having fun looking for and trying to spot Steve within the tank because he likes to hide away.”

Where's Steve?

Rose feeds the fish every day at noon, and that’s the best time to spot Steve, because he comes out to eat. “It’s like a game of ‘Where’s Waldo’, but with Steve,” Allyn adds. Steve owes his name to an employee care partner, who lightly suggested it as others were tossing around possible names. A resident who was among those gathered at the tank said, “That’s my husband’s name!”, and the name stuck.

Companion frog

Just this week, another water frog was added to the tank, as a companion for Steve, and Allyn says there’ll be a contest to decide on her (or his) name.

Photo: Steve the water frog is the star attraction of the refurbished aquarium at PWL Lloydminster. The frog is usually tricky to spot in the tank, and GM Allyn Andrews says she was lucky to get this photo of him.

More photos at Flickr: ‘Steve’ is the star attraction of the newly refurbished aquarium

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